Grange Primary School

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Half Term 4

Science - Living things and their habitats.


We have been exploring the amazing work of Carl Linnaeus and looking at how living things are classified and grouped based on a wide range of criteria. We have even been creating our own classification posters for use in our school's mindfulness garden which will help pupils to identify living things they might come across outside! We've also been carrying out a micro-organism investigation; we are observing how quickly micro-organisms grow on different types of food over time...


History - WWII

We have been learning all about WWII. We have created timelines in our classrooms to gain an understanding of the chronology of WWII and how key events unfolded. The more information we learn, we add to our timeline! A mysterious suitcase even appeared with some items inside. We had to use our skills to guess who the suitcase belonged to and why they had those items with them. Can you guess whose suitcase this might have been?

Design and Technology - Electric steady-hand game


In DT, we have been designing our very own steady-hand games. Initially, we researched children's toys and analysed whether they were suitable for purpose and how they helped children to develop. We then began to think about our design criteria and what we wanted to achieve, creating sketches of our games. Then, we carefully constructed the bases of our games and used our previous knowledge of electrics (from our science lessons) to help us with assembling the electronic components.