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Vision, Values & Aims

Grange Primary School

Grow, Persevere, Succeed

Be the best you can be!


Our Vision:


Grange Primary school is at the centre of the community, being a happy, inclusive and positive school where everyone (children, staff, parents and carers, governors and the wider

community) works together in an effective partnership.


Our school community ethos is one of mutual respect, understanding and care for all.  In everything we do we accept challenges with a positive attitude, always try our best and have the highest aspirations for ourselves and each other.


Children leave Grange as confident, independent individuals with clear dreams and aspirations and the skills, enthusiasm and sense of self-worth to continue their journey to achieve these and to become responsible, respected and valuable citizens in our community, our town and the wider world with strong moral values and beliefs.


Our Core Values:









Our Aims:


For all members of Grange School Community we want to develop and embed our agreed core values and:


  • Instil a thirst for knowledge and lifelong learning.
  • Develop our independence and thinking skills.
  • Develop a sense of pride in ourselves, each other and our environment.
  • Ensure everyone achieves their full potential in everything we do, celebrating our achievements.
  • Establish effective routines- making the most of all of our time in school.




(formulated and agreed  by Staff, Governors, Parents and Children June 2014)