Grange Primary School

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Reading at Home

Reading Books

Your child will have a school reading book that is appropriate to their current reading level, which is set using the Accelerated Reader scheme or Phonics scheme.  Once the children finish a book, they complete a quiz within Accelerated Reader and achieve points.  Book prizes are awarded for children who reach 20, 50 and 100 points.


Your child has a purple reading card to be signed each time they read at home.  Please try to listen to your child read at home for 5-10 minutes at least four times a week, returning the book and the signed reading card to school daily.  This will also allow your child to move up the Reading Rocket in the classroom.  Whilst listening to them read, you could ask questions to explore their understanding of what they have read.  Questions could include:

  • Can you summarise in less than 20 words what has happened so far?
  • Can you predict what might happen next?  Why do you think that?
  • Who is your favourite character?  Why?
  • How might the character be feeling?  Why do you think that?


If there was any vocabulary that the children were not familiar with, they could predict what the word meant or suggest a replacement word then look the word up online or using a dictionary.  


As a reward for regular reading at home, Class Dojo points will be awarded.  If children miss reading at home two days in a row, they will read to an adult in school during their break.  


Library Books

Children also bring home a library book of their choice.  This is to be enjoyed at home with an adult.  This will be changed each Monday for Class Tees and each Friday for Class High force.


Please message or speak to your child's teacher if your child needs any support or encouragement to read regularly at home.


Thank you for your continued support.