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Ancient Egypt

This term Year 5 have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians. We have really enjoyed the topic and learnt lots of facts! Please click on the video below to watch what the favourite facts were when we went to Space to Learn:






Still image for this video

Egyptian Homework Project link

World of Mysteries - Tutankhamun

2002 Documentary World of Mysteries Tutankhamun : Curse of the Boy King For 3000 years the treasures of Tutenkahmun lay entombed beneath Egypt's desert sands, until archaeologists disturbed the pharaoh's rest and unleashed a deadly curse. It's a controversial issue that scientists dismiss out of hand, yet the threat of an ancient curse has enthralled the public for nearly 100 years.

Coming soon... A video of the 'Walk like an Egyptian' performance!


Thank you so much to all the parents that came and left positive feedback for their children. I know a few of you were disappointed by the volume but the children were understandably very nervous about performing to such a large audience and really tried their best!