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Term 2

Sport Relief: The Timber Trail Mile.


Today, Friday 18th March at approximately 11:00am, Year 5 completed their Sport Relief mile. The Sport Relief mile was in aid of charity, to raise money for less fortunate people from around the world. Our Class representatives, Leisha Measor, Ben Mclean, Casey Shaw and Levi Warren, decided that Year 5 would complete a mile on the timber trail. Although some people fell, and shoes flew off, we never gave up!



Sport Relief: The Timber Trail Mile!

"It was an extraordinary day for Sport Relief and we did it for a brilliant cause." Ellis Brown, Year 5, Class 4.


"Even though I fell over at times, I enjoyed completing the mile for charity." Grace Swales, Year 5, Class 3.


"It was an amazing day, I thoroughly enjoyed competing in the Sport Relief Timber Trail Mile." Kailem Gaffney, Year 5, Class 3.


"Although it was wet I really enjoyed the mile, especially when the sun came out!" Makayla Crannage, Year 5, Class 4.

World Book Day



St Hilda's Church.

This term we visited St Hilda's Church on the Headland. We learned about the Northern Saints and what they did to help the Christian faith. Did you know ... St Hilda was part of a synod who decided when Easter would be in the 600's. We got to dress up and paint pictures during our visit. It was lots of fun.  'I liked colouring in and learning about St Hilda' Melissa. 'My favourite part was working with Tony, he was really nice' Coral. 'My Favourite part was dinner!' Lewis.



Our Topic this term is Pharohs! in this topic we will be discovering more about Ancient Egypt!


Our WOW Day.


On our first day back, Year 5 took part in an Ancient Egypt Wow day. We made papyrus paper, wrote secret messages in hieroglyphics, create Egyptian Death mask and we danced like Egyptians. We had a brilliant day and learnt lots about Egypt.


If you would like to make papyrus paper at home you will need:

Brown paper

PVA glue and water (equal amounts)

Tissue paper.


1. Tear the brown paper into strips

2. Dip the paper into the glue and water mixture

3. Lay the paper onto the tissue in strips.

4. Leave to dry

5. Paint hieroglyphics on with paint.  



Making Parpyrus Paper