Grange Primary School

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Week 1 -2 Exploring 9 and 10


In week 1, we started to look more closely at 9 and 10. We learnt that when the ten frame is full there is 10.


We use our hands and realised that we can show 10 and if we put one finger down we showed 9.







Week 3 - Number Bonds to 10


The children enjoyed learning about all the different ways we can make 10.


Here is a useful song to help remember the number bonds.


Week 4 -5 - Numbers Beyond 10


In week 4 we took a closer look at numbers 11 to 15.


Each day we used tens frames, number shapes and numerals to represent these numbers.


We learnt that:
Eleven is one full ten and one.

Twelve is one full ten and two.

Thirteen is one full ten and three.

Fourteen is one full ten and four.

Fifteen is one full ten and five.





Here is a useful video to support your child's mathematical learning about numbers to 20 at home.


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