Grange Primary School

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School Uniform 


We encourage all children to wear our school uniform where possible. This supports our sense of school community.  


We do recognise, that some children may have individual needs, including sensory issues, which make it more challenging to wear all items of our school uniform.  Where this is the case, staff will work with families to agree any adaptations and support how we can overcome any barriers that can be overcome. Please get in touch with your child’s class teacher, your child’s Key Stage Lead (Mrs Sinnott or Mr Beane), Mrs Easton (SENDCO) or a Family Support Officer, if this is something you would like to discuss.  


Our school uniform consists of:  


Grey skirt, trousers or tunic 

Grey or purple sweatshirt, cardigan or jumper (available from most supermarkets) 

Purple and yellow striped school tie (optional) 

White or purple polo shirt 

In Summer, there is the option to wear a checked dress (lemon or lilac) or black, navy or grey shorts. 


Our full range of uniform items embroidered with the school mascot, Harley is available at the school office. 


Please make sure that all uniform particularly jumpers and cardigans are labelled. Each year we have many pieces of clothing left without names. Children’s tattoo transfers are not part of school uniform. Please avoid placing these on your child during term time. 




Children should not wear jewellery including earrings in school due to health and safety reasons. Where new piercings are wanted, we ask that these are done at the start of the summer holidays where possible to enable time for them to heal before the return to school.   

If your child needs to wear earrings due to them still being in the period where they cannot be removed, you will be required to sign a disclaimer to accept liability for any injury and agree to remove them as soon as possible. This will only be allowed for a short period of time during the healing process.  


PE Kit 


Please provide a white T-shirt, black shorts and black gym shoes, ensuring these are labelled. School will provide the PE bag when this kit is brought into school. This will be kept on your child’s peg and kit will be sent home regularly to be washed as needed. 


School Bag 

Grange Book Bags are available to purchase from the school office at a cost of £3.50. These are useful to carry school items back and forth, such as reading books or flashcards etc.  

Where children chose to bring their own bag into school, we ask that the size of these is considered, and only essential items brought in to ensure these can be stored in class cloakroom areas.