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Term 1


Gods and Mortals!


This term in Year 5 we will be studying Ancient Greece. We will be learning about the different Gods the people of Ancient Greece worshipped, how they worshiped them and why. We will also be learning how to use a map to locate Greece and its different cities as well as more local cities in England.  in Science this term we will be learning about different forces.


Half Term 1!


So far this half term we have learned lots about the Ancient Greeks. We have sculpted our very own Pandora and we are soon going to be painting it. Stay tuned for some pictures.


Did you know that Zeus fought his own father to become the ultimate Greek God!


In Science this half term we have carried out many investigations. One of our favourite investigations was the Biscuit Challenge. Read one of our blogs below to find out more!


This is the class 3, year 5 blog. Each week we will be updating, so keep online. This week in science we have been learning about gravity and air resistance , we have carried out an experiment called the biscuit challenge. We discovered that the buscuit didn’t break because the paper floated down slowly because of air resistance. Kailem said “I bet it will break.”  Then I said “No it won’t because its like a parachute”. Log on next time to see whats going to happen next week.

Stay tuned to find out about how we created our Pandora sculpture in next weeks blog!









Welcome back


Hello and welcome back to the year 5 , class 3 and 4 blog. This week we have been learning about Pandora from the Greek Myth Pandora’s Box in Art.

After a few practices of proportion we drew her on paper then again in our books. After that we were ready to make a model of Pandora.

Miss Spence (a teacher in year 5 class 3) made a model herself to show us what to do. Then she gave us a piece of shiny, metal wire and clay. The task begun!

Miss Foster (a teacher in year 5 class 4) came in to have a look she asked Abbi and Millie to go and show her class their models so they did.

Jessie Tabley said “it was awesome”.

Jersey says “it was enjoyable and a lot of people liked it”.

Our lesson was really fun why don’t you build a model of someone I’m sure you will like it.