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Class 14 - 2015-2016

Welcome to Class 14

Mrs T White

Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Cooper


Miss K Simons

Teaching Assistant


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Reception Den Day a huge, enjoyable success

Thankyou to all reception children and parents. We raised £30 for Save the children Den Day appeal. Well Done. 



Half term 6      What is a shadow? 



This half term we shall be exploring lots of ideas related to shadows and looking at stories related to night and day, sun and moon, light and dark. Our big focus for the next few weeks shall be Peter Pan, as we wish to explore all opportunities to develop children as writers, performers and problem solvers! The remainder of the term will have a strong emphasis on the children's transition to Y1 whilst also celebrating their reception achievements - of which there have been so many. We hope that you can join us at every opportunity and we shall inform you shortly of all of these dates for the remainder of the term. I hope your 'lost boys' are ready to come back to school for this exciting end to their reception year at Grange - we, the reception staff, are all looking forward to it. :)


Half term holiday project - to prepare for the summer!

Washington Wetlands and Wildfowl adventure

Exploring Antartica role play area outside - where polar bears definitely do not live!

Wow! Parents join us to say farewell to our chicks

This weeks Head teachers Award

Egg watch 2015! Daily update on our farm visitors.....


Half term 5 - Are Eggs Alive? 

Watch them grow! Special visitors have come to live in the reception Farm.....and we have started to watch them very closely!


Riley volleying the ball back!

Reception take part in training with Olympic athletes!


Today, reception children had the pleasure of watching a volleyball demonstration by two of Team GB. They were very excited to participate in the assembly with Lexi Wright, Tilly Barker and Riley Barff each getting to try some different Volleyball techniques. Ask the children if they can remember the 3 kinds of hit in Volleyball!



The children came back exhausted from their session but thoroughly enjoyed it :) Ask them what they did!

Wednesday 25th March


Class 14 will be walking Wynyard library for our half termly visit.

Please ensure hat your child has sensible shoes and a waterproof coat with them. 

Thanks, Mrs Cooper


Half term 4 


We will be continuing our theme of dragons after the half term. In homework books, there has been a project set to design and make your own dragon for our Chinese New Year celebrations and we look forward to hanging your dragons in the Reception corridors. 

We shall also be starting planting in the next few weeks so if we have any green fingered parents that would like to help we would love to hear from you!


Class 14's second library visit in search of David McKee

Half Term Dragon Challenge

Half term 3


Did Dragons Really Exist? 

Come and join our Knight School on Wednesday 11th February.

Reading information for parents

Bug Club


For those parents who could not make the recent reading meeting, I just wanted to mention the bookmark that came home in your childs homework pack this week. On this website, there is a link to Bug Club, which is a fantastic online reading resource.



Your child has been allocated books suitable for them and the idea is that they read this with you and undertake an online activity which links to the text at the end. They may do as many books as they like but we encourage you to ensure they access this on a weekly basis for maximum benefit. Your child is just becoming a reader - encouraging them NOW to LOVE reading is the best way to ensure they are good readers as they move further up the school.


Please feel free to ask any questions or if you would like another demonstration after school I would be happy to do so. :)

Do dragons really exist? Our visit proved that they do when we met the bearded variety and some of his friends :)

Did Dragons Really Exist?


This may be the question your child asks you on returning home from school this week! Our focus this term is around this question which will give us an opportunity to explore reptiles (with some visiting us ) medieval costume and castles.

Hopefully you will have all finished making your marvellous shields with your family coat of arms over the break so that our castle can be decorated with each childs work.


Please note that also this term the children shall be doing PE on Mondays as well as Thursdays.

Half term 2


Why do Leaves Go Crispy? 

Santa Visits Class 14 and they were ALL on his good list! We all enjoyed a game of pass the parcel and then had a good dance.

Wednesday 10th December 


Reception children had prepared passports for their journey today. They had them checked and stamped at customs before boarding the aeroplane to Lapland. They were very excited to hear the engines starting up and looking out of the windows after take off! After a 'long' flight we finally were welcomed by Santa!

Visit to Lapland - on the aeroplane!

Making new and creative toy designs and decorations- and letters to Santa of course!

How many of class 14 will make snow angels when the real snow comes? Be sure to bring in the photos!

Reception visit to Sixth Form Aladdin pantomime 9.12.14

Visit to Beamish

To complete our topic work, we visited Beamish to find out about how people lived long ago. The children really enjoyed riding the trams and cleaning the old pit cottage.


Why Do You Love Me So Much?

As part of our topic, 'Why do you love me so much?', parents were invited into school to share a drink and cake with the children. Everyone enjoyed completing the quiz 'Teachers as Babies'. Thank you to all of our parents for making this event so special!