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This page contains information about the curriculum at Grange. Please click on the subject icons for specific information about each subject. 

At Grange Primary School, we follow the National Curriculum which can be viewed below. 

Curriculum Vision (Intent)

Our curriculum vision is included below. This states the intent that we have for our curriculum. Each subject has its own intent, impact and implementation which can be found by clicking on the subject icons below. 

Promoting British Values and Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education

PSHE (Including Relationships, Sex and Health Education) 

In September 2020 a new statutory framework for Relationships and Health Education was introduced. In order to deliver this at Grange, as part of our bespoke Curriculum, we opted to use a scheme of work known as 'Jigsaw' and we have been implementing this across the school. The new Relationships and Health Education is designed to support the social and emotional development of our children and support them to make healthy choices as they develop. The attached policy below captures how we, at Grange, will deliver this and the associated documents share what is taught as part of this curriculum. 


As part of the statutory 'Health Education' we will now be delivering lessons throughout school around the changing body in the final term of each year and this will include naming the body parts using the correct terminology, knowing that they are private and then learning about puberty and menstruation in KS2. You can see how and when these will be covered in the documents below. 


Although not statutory, we have chosen to deliver 'Sex Education' in it's simplest form of 'Human Reproduction' and this is described in more detail in the attached policy and guidance from the Jigsaw Scheme of Work.



Religious Education


Religious Education in Grange Primary School is an academically rigorous subject which is inclusive of all, whatever their religious or non-religious views.

We follow the Hartlepool Agreed Syllabus.  This encourages pupils to ask challenging questions about meaning and purpose in life, beliefs about God, ultimate reality, issue of right and wrong and what it means to be human.   

As they progress through school they deepen their knowledge and understanding of a range of religious and non-religious worldviews and begin to understand the complexity, diversity and plural nature of religious and non-religious worldviews.  Religious Education in Grange Primary School school plays a key part in developing critical thinking and personal reflection.  

The syllabus recognises the place of Christianity and the other principle religions in the UK and includes non-religious world views.  It is not designed to promote a particular religion or religious belief on pupils but does makes a significant contribution to the active promotion of mutual respect.   

All parents do have the right to withdraw their child from Religious Education.  Any parent considering this is asked to contact the headteacher to arrange a discussion. 


Collective worship in Grange Primary School is educational, inclusive, invitational and reflective.  It is not the same as ‘corporate worship’ which takes place in churches, synagogues, mosques, gurdwaras and temples etc.   

Collective worship provides an opportunity in the school day for pupils and staff to reflect together on what is important in life, what it means to be human, ideas of right and wrong, how people live and work together as communities, both in school and beyond and the ways in which people in different places and times have experienced, responded to and expressed these issues and values.

All parents do have the right to withdraw their child from collective worship.  Any parent considering this is asked to contact the headteacher to arrange a discussion. 

Equality within the Curriculum

The curriculum at Grange Primary School ensures equality and is accessible to all including pupils with SEND and disabilities. Further information can be found in the following sections. 

Send Policy and SEND Report can be found here:
Accessibility Plan and Equality Information can be found here: