Grange Primary School

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External Agencies

Who are the people who help?

Some children with special educational needs & disabilities, may need support from professionals outside of the school setting to achieve a successful learning journey. At Grange we work closely with colleagues from outside agencies and services to support the needs of children in school. Permission is always sought from parents/carers when involving these agencies.

Outside Agencies and Services include:

SEND Team (Hartlepool Children’s Services)

Link to Information, Advice and Support Services

The Educational Psychologist

The Speech and Language Therapist

The Physiotherapist

The Occupational Therapist

The School Nurse Service

Other outside agencies or services that may be involved in supporting pupils with SEND at Grange School include:

Childhood and Adolescence Mental Health Services-CAMHS

This service is for those children who need further support for their behaviour, social interaction and/or emotional well-being.

Education Services

Hearing Impaired Service, Visually Impaired Service; Education Welfare Service (attendance); Parent Partnership Service (Hartlepool Borough Council).

Health/Social services

Specialist Consultant; General Practitioner; Paediatrician (children’s’ doctor); Health Visitor; Social Services, Podiatry ( foot, ankle, and leg doctor).