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Year 4 - 2016-2017

Welcome to Year 4

Class 5

Miss Woodall

Class 6

Miss Paul


Teaching Assistant

Miss Howley

Teaching Assistant

Miss Vokes

Teaching Assistant

Miss Parry


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Class 5 Class 6


Important information


Miss Paul, Miss Woodall, Miss Howley and Miss Vokes would like to give a warm welcome to Year 4!



Our homework will be given to children on a Tuesday. Children will be given one piece of Maths homework alongside their spellings for that week. Year 4 children will be given the chance to practice these spellings in their homework books prior to their test. Homework should be brought back into to school on a Friday.


PE kit

Year 4 children will be taking part in PE lessons on a Friday afternoon and every other Monday. Therefore, we ask if all PE kits could be returned to school on these days to ensure children are able to take part in the PE lesson.



We would like to reinforce the school rules and explain that children are not allowed to wear jewellery in school, including earrings. This rule is in place to protect children for their own health and safety. Children will be asked to remove any jewellery to comply with these rules.



Class author



Our new class author for this term is Cressida Cowell. Cressida was born in London and she currently still lives there. Her husband is called Simon Cowell (not that one). She is most famous for writing a sequel of books, starting with 'How To Train Your Dragon'. Did you know she also illustrates her own books! Her most famous book, How To Train Your Dragon has been made into a DreamWorks Film production. Class 5 have managed to receive a tweet from Cressida and Class 6 have managed to have a tweet liked by DreamWorks Animation Production. How amazing!


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