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Half Term 2



In Science, we have been learning all about forces and magnets. We began by understanding that a force is always a push or pull movement. After, we stared to explore how things move on different surfaces. We used a toy car, a ramp and various materials to investigate how friction can affect speed and distance. We made predictions, measured, recorded our results in a table and discussed our findings. We also explored the way that magnets interact, what contact and non-contact forces are, and sorted materials based upon whether they were magnetic or not.



In history, we have been learning all about the Roman Empire and its impact upon Britain. We started off by thinking about timelines, chronological order and BC/AD. We then looked at who the Romans were, and what life was like in Britain before their invasion. We independently researched Claudius and his invasion of Britain. We looked at maps and discovered how the Roman Empire expanded over time. We loved learning all about how Boudica bravely resisted the Empire, and even sang some songs! 'The Past Presents' came to visit us and we spent a full day learning all about the Roman army and the daily life of a soldier. We were amazed to find that lots of Roman inventions are still used in Britain to this day!

Roman Battle!

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Watch us taking part in a Roman battle. Roma, Roma!