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What to do if your child tests positive for Covid-19


If your child test positive for Covid-19, please inform the school office (01429 272007). 


On the first day of isolation, your child should complete the following activities until your teacher begins to add work on Class Dojo for their subsequent isolation days.


Activity 1 - Watch the story 'The Three Little Pigs' using this link:

The pigs made their own houses. Can you draw and colour a house that would keep the wolf out? If you have your own building materials can you build it?


Activity 2 - Count up to 5 with teddy using this link:

Play the game with numbers up to 5. Can you give teddy the right amount of objects?


Activity 3 - Practise your phonic sounds using this link or the flashcards we sent home.

Say the sound that appears on the pirate ships. How many sounds can you say correctly?


Activity 4 - Practise writing your name with the whiteboard pen and name card we sent home. If you have letter magnets you could even build your name with these first!


Thank you for your continued support

Miss Sinden and Miss Miller