Grange Primary School

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Term 1

On Wednesday 5th October, Alison from the Dogs Trust brought her special friend, Mollie, to visit EYFS. Mollie has belonged to Alison for 3 years after she heard that she had been abandoned and was living on the streets. She now visits schools to teach them lots of aspects of pet care and how to approach dogs if you should meet them on the street. We held our 'potato hands' out to let her sniff us first before kneeling down to stroke. We know that when a dog shows its teeth it is angry and we should not approach. Also, dogs that have been left tied up are likely to be scared so we must not tough those either. It is always best to ask the owner if their dog is friendly. 

We look forward to working with the Dogs Trust again in the future. 


The Dogs Trust visit the Nursery children to help them understand how to be a good friend to a dog